Somebody around us has always had some of the other problems with their root canal. Root canals are an increasingly common dental issue that every other person is facing nowadays.

What Is A Root Canal Infection? 

To understand the infection itself you need to first understand the anatomy of the human teeth. Our teeth are not just one solid cube, they are made up of different layers that are in turn made up of different materials.

The outermost layer is called the enamel band; this is the strongest layer. Underneath that, you can find dentin which is a layer full of pores. Finally, underneath that, you can find the soft tissue, called the pulp.

The pulp is the most sensitive part of the tooth since it contains all the blood vessels. It also holds the cells that assist in tooth growth and health. This part of the tooth is the only part that can sense pain and this is exactly where the infection takes place.

The pulp becomes completely infected and the doctors have to extract the pulp out. This stops the infection from infesting the tooth itself. This procedure helps protect the tooth and prolongs its life.

Do You Think You Have A Root Canal Infection? 

Are you under the impression that you might be having a root canal infection? Go through these symptoms and see if you have any of them.

Teeth Pain      

The biggest tell for a root canal infection is the immense teeth pain that you might experience. As discussed earlier the pulp is very sensitive and when infected can become excruciatingly painful. However, there are many reasons why you could be experiencing teeth pain. This is why get a doctor’s assistance as soon as you start experiencing pain.

Gum Problems

If you have a root canal infection you might face extreme tenderness and swelling in your gums. The swelling can be extreme and touch other areas of your face such as the neck or the face.

Discolored Tooth 

If your tooth is going through a root canal infection it is very possible that the color of your tooth changes and becomes much darker. It can even turn into grey or black which is an evident sign that it is rotten. The more your infection spreads the more area of your tooth will change its color. Soon it will even start to weaken and break off.

Acute Apical Abscess 

The bacterial growth in your mouth can result in a bad odor. When the teeth are rotting away, bacteria take advantage of this opportunity and feast on your infected tooth resulting in a horrific smell.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is vital that you rush to a doctor without putting it off. Your case may worsen and the infection can move around to the other teeth and perhaps even your gums. the only solution to your root canal infection is getting it treated. The more you ignore it the worse it will get.

What Can Be The Cause Of Your Root Canal Infection? 

While you get a root canal there can be several things that might go wrong and cause an infection. For instance, you might face an infection because during the first procedure your tooth and root canal was not cleaned properly. Or when getting a dental procedure on your tooth, it is possible that your tooth gets re-infected with bacteria. It is best if you reach out to your doctor and they will be able to figure out why exactly your root canal got infected.

How to Get It Treated? 

Most doctors suggest going back into your root canal to extract the infection as it is the best treatment. It is less invasive and helps keep the tooth intact. In this procedure they might take a deeper look at things and follow the following protocol:

They might first take a physical examination of your mouth and the infected tooth. This will help the doctors assess the damage on the surface. To examine damage on the inside, doctors might ask you to get an X-ray.

When it comes to the procedure itself they might give you local anesthesia and cover your gums and mouth with a protective barrier. Then, using a drill the doctor will get through to the pulp of your tooth and thoroughly clean it out. After it is properly clean, the area will be dried so that it can heal quicker. In some cases, doctors even ask patients to get a crown on top of their tooth to prevent the infection from returning.

If you are currently in the process of making a decision on whether you should get your infection treated or not, our advice would be to be as quick as possible and get connected with the best experts. It is vital to get your infection treated before it expands further.