Are you the parent of a newborn and you are wondering when exactly do babies start going to the dentist? It is a great question actually. Most parents are very conscious when it comes to the health of their babies. This is why several parents are concerned about the time they should take their baby to the dentist. Some mothers believe that when a child is teething, he or she should be taken to the dentist right away. It is however uncertain when your child’s first tooth will appear. 

Some babies are actually born with a couple of teeth while some take at least two months to form teeth. Even then, it is usually the first two teeth that pop out. In some cases, it is also seen that some children take as long as one complete year to even start teething. This is normal and not something to worry about, as the growth of the child depends on their specific case. There are no time dimensions decided to dictate the time of teething. 

So if that’s not when you should go to the dentist, when exactly should you? 

What Is The Best Time For A Dentist Visit? 

Well, if you want to ensure that the whole teething process and growth of the teeth is unhindered you can give the dentist a visit. A dentist will look at the growth of your ward’s teeth and make sure that they grow out without any complications. There are certain times when either the teeth grow out too further apart or more towards the mouth, this gives the face a distorted look. 

A dentist can help you by giving you the necessary tips you need to ensure that your child has the perfect pearly whites. However, a dentist’s visit can be quite intimidating for a baby. You need to ensure that your baby is completely prepared to make it to the dentist and have a successful visit. 

How to Prepare Your Baby for a Dentist’s Visit? 

If your baby is old enough to understand what you tell them then you should mentally prepare them for the visit. Talking to them will help you. You will be able to explain to them that you might be going to a doctor who wants to look at their teeth. You can even incorporate some games in between such as asking them to open their mouth wide. This will help your child understand what they can expect from the doctor’s visit. 

If you have the time and really want to make it an enriching experience for your ward, you can watch several videos online that will help you understand the entire process in a much easier way. It is not only your ward who needs preparation. The visit to a dentist can be hard on the parents too. You can ask other parents around you how they dealt with the first time they took their children to the dentist. In addition to that it is also a wise idea to get the doctor’s forms filled beforehand so that you can avoid all the fuss when it comes to the actual appointment.

You can also list down all the potential questions that you want to ask the dentist. This will help you remember all your concerns when you are in front of the doctor. Keep a diary with you before you go and you’ll be fine. 

What to Expect On The Big Day? 

To get a doctor to examine your child you might have to fill out a couple of forms that are a requirement. If you have a fussy baby, it is a good idea to either collect these forms beforehand or ask the clinic to send them to you so that you can fill them out. 

Once you make it to the inside of the doctor’s room, you will be expected to sit on the dental chair with your ward in your lap. Make sure that you and your child are both comfortable as this might take a long time. In most cases the visit is short. The doctor might want to examine your child’s mouth and look for the issues. 

They might even thoroughly clean your child’s mouth and give you tips. If you have any questions, this is the best time to ask them as the doctor might even push you to ask anything that is on your mind. 

Some Pointers to Help You!

If you want to make the most of your dentist’s visit, here are some pointers that can help you keep things smooth and avoid any mishaps. 

  • Make sure your appointment is scheduled at the optimal time. It must be aligned with the time you get free from other commitments and when your child is fully awake. 
  • Be very cool minded about the appointment in front of the ward. They should not find out that you are worried about the appointment yourself. 
  • It is okay for your child to react to the visit. They might cry which is fine and not that big of a deal. If the dentist is nice enough they might have some tricks to cheer up your child so they are happy when they leave. 
  • Treat your baby with an ice cream or their favorite snack as appreciation for being a good child and being brave.