Crooked teeth, crowding, gaps in teeth, and other issues can affect your confidence. No one likes feeling self-conscious when they smile. This may cause you to smile less, which in turn affects your mood. No one should worry about their smile! It’s always best to smile wide and with confidence. With that said, there may be things you want to change about your smile. That’s where repair options like braces and Invisalign come in.

Many people think of alignment repair options like braces as being something that you get as a kid. While they are a good option for children, they are also an excellent option for adults. With that said, many adults don’t like the look of braces. They are abrasive and noticeable. For patients that want to fix their teeth but don’t want metal brackets and wires in their mouths, there is Invisalign.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an alternative to traditional braces that is made up of clear, thermoplastic material. Instead of attaching to your teeth, they are trays that you wear (and can remove). Over time the trays are swapped out and the alignment of the teeth is adjusted. This technology has been around for over 20 years, and it is now an excellent alternative to traditional braces for fixing most alignment issues. Actually, there are very few adjustments at this point that Invisalign can’t fix.  

Why is Invisalign Better Than Regular Braces?

There are a variety of different benefits Invisalign has over traditional braces. One of the big advantages of Invisalign is the fact that they are practically invisible. It’s no secret that people with braces (particularly adults) don’t like how much they stand out. With Invisalign, you are able to smile and speak without worrying about people seeing your braces. As far as cosmetic appearance, Invisalign has braces beat!

With braces being made up of metal, they can be quite abrasive. They can rub against the cheeks and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. If this happens, you have to go to the orthodontist to have them adjusted. This is annoying, time-consuming, and frustrating. Invisalign is much more comfortable. There is no metal to deal with, which means nothing eating away at the insides of your cheeks.

While this isn’t a concern for everyone, for athletes that have to wear a mouthguard, braces are a nightmare. It’s hard to get a mouthguard to fit properly with braces. With Invisalign, the tray can be easily removed when you need to place a mouthguard. This means you can play your favorite sports without worrying about damaging your teeth.

With all of these benefits, it’s no surprise that Invisalign is such a popular alternative to traditional braces!

The Invisalign Process

If you are considering straightening your teeth, filling gaps, fixing crowding, or any other issues, you’ll first want to set an appointment with a dentist that specializes in orthodontics. From there they will take a look at your teeth and see if you are a candidate for Invisalign. Once they’ve decided you are a candidate, they can start mapping out the teeth corrections and adjustments with the help of digital images. This allows them to design trays to help with adjustments.

Invisalign involves the use of multiple trays. Every two weeks, you’ll switch out your tray for a new tray. This will continue until the process is complete. You’ll also see your dentist monthly for an evaluation. In order to get the best results, you’ll wear the trays for 20 to 22 hours a day. Before you know it, you’ll have the smile you’ve always wanted!

Ongoing Care

While Invisalign will help with adjusting the placement of your teeth, it doesn’t help to prevent issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Invisalign trays aren’t made to protect your teeth, only to adjust them. Because of this, you need to remove the trays twice a day, every day to brush, floss, and rinse. Don’t allow your oral healthcare routine to suffer because you are wearing Invisalign.

Unlike braces, you remove your aligners. When you do, you need to clean them. They will gather bacteria if they aren’t properly cleaned.

It’s extremely important to swap out trays when you are supposed to. This means visiting your dentist regularly and not skipping appointments. Your dentist will also take this opportunity to make sure the adjustments are going well.

While you will be visiting your dentist for them to take a look at the progress of your Invisalign adjustments, this isn’t a replacement for your cleaning and checkup visits. Make sure you visit your dentist every six months for your regular cleaning and checkup. This way you’ll maintain excellent oral health while your teeth are being shifted into place!

Six Month Smiles

Another option provided by Kelly Road Dental is Six Month Smiles. This method is great for adults that only require minor adjustments. You’ll get similar benefits to those that are provided by Invisalign and braces in a short period of time.

With Six Month Smiles, a dentist will take 3D images and create aligners to meet your specific needs. The information will be sent to a lab and your dentist will place tooth-colored attachments to your teeth. These will move your teeth properly.

Six Month Smiles is a great option for patients with lightly gapped teeth, slightly crooked teeth, a minor overlap, slight overcrowding, and other issues. If you have minor alignment issues that you would like to address, reach out to Kelly Road Dental. We’ll provide you with more information about Six Month Smiles and see if you are a good candidate.

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