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Welcome to Kelly Road Dental Care, your neighborhood dentist in Roseville, MI, where all oral dreams come true. Crafting a space with a spa-like atmosphere, avant-garde latest technology, and optimal comfort and safety was done with the utmost precision, dedication, and your well-being in mind. After working in the continuously evolving dental industry for so many years, we understand the needs of modern patients, which go far beyond proper treatment delivery. Despite the abundance of expert resources available to the public and the revolutionary dental approach, today’s patients tend to be as anxious about visiting their dentist as in the past. At Kelly Road Dental Care, one of our goals is to provide you with the essential knowledge about current dental practices and transform the way you think about receiving dental care. We want to be your Roseville dental home for years to come. Come and visit our Rosevile Dentist office today!

Stay Healthy With Preventive Dentistry

While most insured families receive the majority of preventive services for FREE, at our Roseville MI office, we offer many different payment options so uninsured patients can still receive the dental care they need & in a manner that fits their budget. Insured & uninsured patients alike have a number of financing options available to them including:

  • Convenient Payment Plans
  • 0% Financing Available
  • In Office Dental Plans

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Kelly Road Dental Care is among the best dentists in Roseville MI. If you have been looking for a dental office that meets and exceeds your expectations, you may peacefully end your search now. Our seasoned Kelly Road Dental Care dentists in Roseville MI, have trained their excellence and precision to achieve the highest standards of worldwide dental care. Combined with the latest technology and, most importantly, qualified staff, we can guarantee your smile is in the best hands! Our well-rounded practice focuses on comprehensive family and cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve a healthy and dazzling smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern aesthetic dentistry offers a wide range of treatments that allow you to safely and effectively regain a beautiful smile. Healthy, even, and white teeth have a positive effect on patients’ overall well-being, boost self-confidence in both personal and professional life.

At Kelly Road Dental Care in Roseville, MI, we utilize only tested and proven methods, thanks to which we have improved the quality of many patients’ lives. When offering treatments, such as teeth whitening, dental restorations, implants, or veneers, we reach for innovative solutions and use the latest generation technology implemented in prestigious aesthetic dentistry clinics worldwide. We perform each treatment with particular precision, knowing that cosmetic and general dental services go hand in hand and are an integral part of any modern dental practice.

Restorative Dentistry

Tooth decay is a disease of the hard tissue, such as enamel and dentin. Untreated, it leads to inflammation of the pulp and periapical tissues. If detected early, it may be stopped due to remineralization processes. Treatments are performed under local anesthesia utilizing modern, aesthetic light-cured materials for fillings. We carry out preventative treatments, such as sealants or fluoride applications, and procedures designed to treat teeth damaged by caries, including fillings and tooth reconstructions.

Family Dentistry

Family dentistry belongs to a broad spectrum of sub-specialties within the industry’s realm, ranging from restorative dentistry through orthodontics and prosthetics all the way to oral surgery procedures. Our Kelly Road Dental clinic is of a cozy yet modern design, providing substantial room for comfortable treatment conditions. We implement state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, taking care of patients of all ages, tending to every aspect of health, and achieving beautiful and strong smiles all around.

The dentists who make up our team continuously expand their experience and knowledge and complete their professional qualifications by participating in various courses and training programs. We can boast of many certificates confirming our skills and the quality of our services.

We treat each patient individually and devote all our attention to them, preparing a comprehensive dental treatment plan for their specific needs. Our friendly atmosphere at Kelly Road Dental in Roseville is conducive to the proper course of the treatment process. The convenient hours of operation and emergency services are a tribute to our patients, giving them a broader opportunity to properly care for the health of their teeth and oral cavity.

Aesthetic Dentistry
A Full Range of Services at Kelly Road Dental

At our Roseville office, we have successfully carried out many metamorphoses over the last few years. We strive to help patients regain their natural, complete, and beautiful smiles, fighting the inevitable genetic factors and the effects of trauma, injury, or disease so that they can enjoy life without unnecessary discomfort. During the initial consultation, our Roseville dentists at Kelly Road Dental clinic conduct a thorough interview, allowing them to determine your expectations and choose the correct treatment for your unique needs.

We will happily advise you on what will be the best approach in your specific dental case and which procedures are worth performing – whether they are implants, crowns, veneers, bonding, or teeth whitening. We are skilled listeners and provide our patients with various choices to make the right and mutual decision. Depending on your individual predispositions and preferences, we will surely fix any and all imperfections.