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Coffee, tea, cigarettes, and other factors cause discoloration and the formation of deposits on the teeth, but sometimes their darker shade is genetically determined. Regardless of the reasons for which you want to lighten your teeth, you should first find out what teeth whitening is and why this procedure should be performed in a dentist’s office.

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Step One: Initial Consultation

In some rare cases, the teeth whitening procedure is inadvisable, so the dentist initially conducts an interview and examines the oral cavity to assess whether the treatment can be performed. One of the most common contraindications for the procedure is caries, periodontitis, or gingivitis (if the whitening gel penetrates deep into the tooth through a carious defect or leaky filling – it can cause severe pain and increase sensitivity). If necessary, we can first address these issues in our practice before proceeding with teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women or if the patient is allergic to the substances contained in the whitening agents. The procedure is also not performed on people under 16 years of age.

Examples of contraindications for teeth whitening:

  • tooth decay
  • periodontal disease
  • periodontitis
  • tooth sensitivity
  • exposed tooth roots
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • allergy to the agents contained in the whitening gel
  • inflammation in the mouth (until it heals)
  • taking certain medications
  • recently performed surgical procedures
  • wearing braces (teeth whitening may be performed at least six months after removing the braces)
  • The general weakness of the body and the immune system

Why Should You Perform Teeth Whitening At A Dentist’s Office?

Sometimes the changes on the teeth are invisible to the naked eye, and only after performing the appropriate tests, our doctor can assess whether the procedure will be possible and will not harm your dental and general health. Skilled and experienced professionals will perform a thorough examination to ensure you are the right candidate for the teeth whitening procedure.

Step Two: Hygiene

If necessary, before starting whitening, the dentist will recommend professional teeth cleaning. These are treatments removing plaque and calculus, the presence of which in the oral cavity prevents the plaque from being evenly brightened. Hygienization is performed a few days before the whitening treatment.

Step Three: Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening at Kelly Road Dental Care is carried out using two innovative techniques: KöR Whitening and Zoom! Whitening.

KöR Whitening is a cutting edge method that uses continuously refrigerated highly potent gels. In order to maintain its effectiveness and preserve all active ingredients responsible for the whitening process, the gel needs to stay cold at all times. The highly advanced KöR-Seal trays provided to patients to apply at home are designed to eliminate potential contamination with saliva, a common issue with other whitening products. Saliva contamination tends to shorten the active life of the gel significantly, while the KöR system maintains its potency for up to 10 hours!

The Philips Zoom White Speed lamp provides the fastest and most effective method of light-activated whitening. Advanced technology, combined with the device ergonomics, presents the customer with high comfort during the whitening treatment.

The entire procedure consists of just three 15-minute sessions with breaks for changing the gel. The Philips Zoom White Speed system in the whitening process uses the patented “Photo-Fenton” reaction, which takes place between the hydrogen peroxide contained in the gel and iron. These compounds, when combined, form a radical of the hydroxyl group known as “discoloration killer.”

Step Four: Maintaining The Whitening Effect

After teeth whitening at Kelly Road Dental Care, we encourage following the so-called “white diet” to eliminate foods and drinks that tend to stain the teeth. Those include coffee, tea, juices, and darker fruits and vegetables. For at least two weeks following the treatment, we recommend switching to foods that won’t damage the effects of the procedure, such as dairy, poultry, rice, or fish.

As always advised, avoid smoking at all times. Cigarette smoke quickly reacts with the ingredients of the whitening preparation, which leads to visible discoloration and overall bad teeth condition. This is also an excellent time to quit smoking for good!

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Numerous clinical studies prove that teeth whitening using hydrogen peroxide assisted with light is entirely safe for teeth and gums, as long as it is carried out under a dentist’s supervision. By many doctors, whitening is seen as the safest cosmetic dental procedure available today. However, it should be remembered that, as with all other whitening systems, this treatment is not recommended for children under 16 or pregnant and lactating women.

Our highly experienced dentist, Dr. Van de Vyver, will assist you throughout the entire process to deliver the best possible results. A radiant smile is just a visit away! If you are ready to take the next step to achieve aesthetically-pleasing teeth, schedule your consultation today. Our team of experts is excited to guide you throughout the process with ease and comfort to meet your expectations and guarantee ultimate satisfaction.