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What Is Emergency Dental Care?

Did you know that emergency room visits related to oral pain nearly doubled in recent years? The statistics prove that emergency dental care is still underdeveloped in many regions across our country, and the awareness of dental emergency services is still low among the population. You should always listen to your body and never ignore abnormal pain, so if a hospital emergency visit seems like the right choice, follow your instincts. However, the emergency department can be quite costly, and the majority of dental emergencies can be fixed here at Kelly Road Dental Care.

Many patients are still confused with what is considered a dental emergency. They are unsure if the problem, even if worsening, can wait till morning or if they should contact their emergency dentist right away.

Everything you need is right here, at Kelly Road Dental Care. If you are facing a dental emergency, our practice should be the first place you contact. And while some treatments can wait, unbearable pain often cannot. We understand that emergency dental care is a broad concept, often misunderstood. So what exactly is considered a dental emergency, and when should you get help?

1. Severe, Unbearable Pain

Like any other pain, a toothache is a disturbing symptom that may suggest a danger to our health. The pain of the tooth and its surrounding tissue is often accompanied by other symptoms, such as swollen gums or a broken tooth. Incomplete treatment, such as the one of a root canal, may cause pain recurrence, which is classified as an urgent case.

Not only children tremble at the sight of a dentist. Many adults continuously postpone the visit, hoping the problem will go away on its own. Unfortunately, sooner or later, untreated teeth will make a statement, and it might be too late to save your tooth. As a preventative measure, we should visit the dentist’s office at least once a year. Ignoring a toothache, even if not bothersome, may lead to further complications, often requiring immediate attention. The pain is always a sign that a disease is developing, and treatment must be started immediately.

2. Loss Of Tooth

A broken tooth or its complete loss is often a problem related to the aesthetics of our smile. However, the occurrence is classified as an injury and should not be underestimated. We may not feel the pain associated with losing a tooth, and the fracture may not be visible at first glance, but over time the issue may worsen and lead to serious consequences.

A knocked-out tooth, with immediate action, can be preserved. The process of reinserting and saving your tooth requires your full and careful cooperation. Handling with care, pick up your tooth by the crown, making sure you do not touch its root, rinse it, and either reinsert it into the socket or gently hold it between your gums until you reach our Roseville, MI, office. Another option is to place your lost tooth in a clean container filled with milk.

3. Fractured Or Cracked Tooth

While the chipped or cracked tooth often doesn’t cause pain and is usually not qualified as a dental emergency, it may become a source of severe consequences in the near future. More often than not, a fractured or cracked tooth indicates the damage has been done not only to the appearance of your smile but also to the tissue surrounding your tooth. Never leave a cracked or chipped tooth without appropriate treatment.

In rare cases, a tooth fracture may require immediate dental attention. If you experience severe pain after the injury or your gums are bleeding, contact our office right away.

4. Dental Abscess

Microorganisms play an essential role in the circulation of matter and energy in the ecosystem, taking their rightful place in food chains. Some bacteria can even create medications. Unfortunately, microbes can also be harmful, causing bacterial diseases. The diseases caused by these pathogens include tooth abscess, a prevalent condition among patients.

A dental abscess is a vague term that describes inflammation in the area of the tissues surrounding the apex of the root – the part of the tooth that is anchored in the upper and lower jawbones. From a medical perspective, an abscess is defined as a reservoir resulting from damage to and destruction of surrounding tissue. The inside of the abscess is filled with pus – a thick fluid containing remnants of dead cells and bacteria.

A dental abscess is undoubtedly an emergency. The condition may be potentially life-threatening since the infection can spread further into the surrounding tissue and other parts of your body. The pain is often intolerable, suggesting the severity of the condition. A dental abscess is characterized by swelling of your face, possible fever, extreme tooth sensitivity, and pain.

At Kelly Road Dental, we care for our patient’s oral health and perform everything within our power to prevent dental emergencies. Unfortunately, not everyone remains proactive in proper dental hygiene and regular dentist visits. We offer comprehensive dental emergency services for all of your needs. Do not hesitate to call our office when the problem strikes. To avoid emergency visits, continue with routine appointments to ensure proper preventative measures are applied.