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Losing a tooth or more causes discomfort and is a very serious aesthetic and health problem. Modern implantology is currently the most effective and best cosmetic solution for the reconstruction of a beautiful smile. What are dental implants? What does the procedure look like? Everything you need to know can be found here in our comprehensive guide.

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Dental Implants – Cherish Your New Smile.

Remember – a dental implant is a work of art. With that being said, only an experienced dentist with substantial expertise and artistic instincts can bring you the desired results. At Kelly Road Dental Care, not only do we restore dental implants and put natural looking teeth on dental implants, we actually place dental implants as well. We are passionate about our work and the dynamics that accompany the procedure.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What Are Dental Implants?

A tooth implant is the most critical element of tooth reconstruction, thanks to which a permanent and gratifying aesthetic effect can be obtained. Implants restore your dental functions and improve the previously disturbed chewing mechanics of the masticatory system. The ever-present misconception that dental implants are simply artificial, single teeth undermines the beauty of implantology and prevents patients from fully grasping the concept of dental implants. In fact, a dental implant is a screw, most often made of titanium, whose role is to replace the tooth root. The tiny bolts are screwed into the upper or lower jawbones, and only after the dental implant has been successfully placed can we begin rebuilding the visible part of the tooth.

Implantology is a dynamically developing field of modern dentistry – the science of implants. An implant is an element of the prosthetic reconstruction of a lost tooth.

What Do Dental Implants Look Like?

Contrary to popular belief, the implant is not an artificial tooth, but a screw usually made of titanium or zirconium, which is to imitate the natural root of the patient’s tooth. The implant is inserted in the upper jaw or mandible bone. After the period of fusion with the bone, the visible part of the lost tooth can be rebuilt – most commonly with a crown or prosthetic bridge.

The key to implantology is embedding a dental implant in the patient’s bone. If the process of integrating the patient’s tissues with the titanium or zirconium screw is successful, it will be possible to mount a porcelain or ceramic crown on the implant placed in the gums. We make all the efforts to match the shade of the crown to that of the patient’s natural teeth to obtain the most aesthetic effect. In the case of complete teeth restoration, we can achieve a gorgeous pearl-white radiant smile.

When Is Implant Placement Possible And Recommended?

The primary indication for recommending a patient an implant-based tooth insertion is the presence of missing teeth – single and interdental, of various sizes, regardless of whether they are missing in the upper or lower jawbone. The insertion of dental implants is also suggested when there is a lack of a bud or buds of permanent teeth, the patient’s intolerance to traditional dentures, and complete toothlessness. The use of implants may increase the number of pillars (abutment teeth) to construct the future prosthetic bridge.

Before a dental implant can be inserted, our dentist will consult the patient, collect all relevant information, and order a cone beam CT, an innovative 3D X-ray technology. Consultation with Dr. Van de Vyver, who will assess the patient’s health and past or current diseases, is of crucial importance for deciding whether the tooth implantation procedure will ultimately be performed.

It is necessary to exclude any diseases of the oral cavity and teeth before implantation and to heal carious cavities, remove tartar and plaque. The soft tissue and the jawbones should be of the appropriate color and thickness. Sometimes it is necessary to undergo a procedure to thicken the bone and prepare it for proper implantation. We offer a bone grafting procedure to strengthen your bone tissue before dental implantation.

Implants – What To Expect During The Procedure?

Dental implant placement is a procedure that takes place under local anesthesia. It involves a surgical procedure. We make sure that the implantation of a dental implant occurs under the conditions of complete sterility and asepsis. It all starts with the preparation of the implant site, its development with calibrated drills, and insertion of the implant into the gingiva, up to the patient’s bone. After the osteotomy is prepared through a series of drills, the implant is screwed into the bone. The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes, and the patient should not feel any pain – during and after the implantation.

Tooth insertion with the use of dental implants can be performed with two methods. The first one is considered a one-step approach. When the dental implant is inserted into the bone, it is furnished with a healing screw. After the procedure, it protrudes from the gums, which are brought together by stitches. These are removed after about a week. This method eliminates the need to expose the implant after the osseointegration period. However, it imposes the obligation on the patient of strict adherence to the rules of oral hygiene.

You can also perform the implant placement in two stages. First, the implant is inserted into the bone and closed with a locking screw. Soft tissues are sewn over the implant, which makes it completely invisible, covered with gingival tissue. After a few weeks of osseointegration, that is, the fusion of the implant with the surrounding bone, the second stage of the procedure takes place. The implant is exposed by cutting the gingiva and is usually already healed. Then we replace the screw plug, the healing screw, and put on the sutures. The third visit consists of the prosthetic reconstruction of teeth on implants.

Keep in mind that in most cases, the entire process takes a few months to complete. Dental implantation is a complex journey involving the whole team of experts at your service. With patience and determination, we deliver the best results to completely restore your beautiful smile. Your teeth won’t rebuild themselves – let us help you regain the confidence and spirit needed to lead a wholehearted life.